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Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine is an operating system, which only shows the behavior of separate computer, but is able to perform task like running applications like a distinct system. Basically, VM is known as guest, which is created within the computing environment, which is called host.  At a time, there are various virtual machines, which exist within a single host. Virtual Machine is basically known as Virtual Hard Drive.

What is the use of Virtual Machine?

It makes easy for users to access multiple operating system by using Virtual Machines. Mainly it is used in big organization for testing various software. Whereas it helps to save a lot of time in big organizations.

Not only this if user uses MAC OS and he/she wants to access Windows OS. Then by utilizing Virtual Machine, user can easily access all Windows OS without any error. It makes easy for user not to utilize any other system or to transfer data to other system. It works as 2 in 1 with no any error.

Reasons of data corruption from Virtual Drive

There are some of the most common reasons because of which data is lost from Virtual Drive. These are:

  1. Formatting Virtual drive
  2. Corrupted file system
  3. Hardware Failure
  4. Accidental Deletion of data
  5. Virus attack

User’s Query:

“I was having my office data of about 16 GB in my VHD. But suddenly all my data got corrupted because of virus attack on my system and I am not having any backup with me. Now I am much tensed as I don’t know how to get back all corrupted data, as the data was quiet important for me. Can anyone suggest me how to get out of this problem?”


There is an easy and quick solution to resolve all your problem by utilizing Virtual Drive Recovery Wizard. It makes easy to get back all deleted or lost data from Virtual hard drive. It is compatible with all Windows based OS with no any error problem. It supports Virtual Drive Recovery of all virtual machines i.e. Hyper-V Virtual Machine, Oracle Virtual Box, VMware Virtual Machine, QEMU, Parallels Desktop for Mac etc. it recovers data from Virtual Drives based on FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, VVFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 easily.

Why to access this software?

Virtual Drive Recovery Wizard has many beneficial features to access, which makes it accessed by most of the users. These are:

  • Easily retrieve VHD data along with all audios, images, database, videos etc.
  •  100% safe from virus to access the tool
  • Recoup all kind of file data weather corrupted, damaged or crashed
  • Maintains the data integrity
  • Time saving wizard
  • No file size limitation to retrieve VHD data

Available with Free Demo:

The software is available with a free demo for user’s efficiency. It makes easy for users to understand the software’s working and features easily. By utilizing the free demo user can easily retrieve all the lost, deleted and corrupted data but cannot save it. To save the data, user can buy the licensed edition